about me


if i were me…

flew with the birds,
swam with the fish,
ran the wild,
lived for a wish.

burned by fire,
swept by wind,
tossed by the ocean,
began to think.

saw where eyes took,
patiently the ears heard,
breathed many fragrances,
but, the heart still wondered.

forgot yesterday,
tomorrow, dint know,
lived today,
just watched the days go.

witnessed birth,
felt power of death,
survived life inbetween,
yet curious, what next?

became what i wanted,
was told what i should be,
thought of what i am,
yet questioned “what is me?”

quizzed questions themselves,
the conventional, disagreed,
sought new answers,
so, am i the breed?

then became like another,
something different to be,
and then some other
but failed to find the key.

Then one day, truth realised,
and the light i did see,
the key simply was…
…if i were me.

Penned this a long time back. And for those of you who managed to scroll past the poem above here’s the asli (read: real) About me….


that’s me

I’m a single-brained multi-talented technically artistic organism.. Human by birth, computer engineer by education and animator by choice, currently working in the city of dreams, Mumbai. Apart from setting good key frames and clicking decent frames, I use colours, occasionally write and can thankfully read. It gives me immense pleasure to observe and love the subtle nuances of Life, and enjoy sharing it too. Most of my curiosity, idiosity,  energy and sheer madness comes from my belief that Growing old is inevitable, but Growing up is optional 😉 .


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