A long time ago, night had fallen and i was on the way to my home-town. It was dark and cold. There were no street lights, just a bumpy road, wilderness on either side, occasional sight of vehicles, our rented car, my family, me and my camera. Out of boredom, i began taking pictures, and was soon disappointed seeing the lack of light and the resulting motion blur.  But then out of the wilderness an idea struck me.

i thought, “for a change, why not let the camera capture what it wants, and more so what it feels as it rests snugly in my hand.” After a few long exposure pics, this one caught my eye. I was startled to see that my camera thought the way i did. While it was cold outside, it felt safe and warm in my hand, just the way i felt when i was with my mom.


a mother carrying her baby so snugly in her womb

And so i decided to name this pic Maiamma – Mummy, Aai and Amma.


5 Responses to “Maiamma”

  1. Dinesh says:

    WOAh…….amazing photo

  2. Pooja T says:

    Nice one.
    But What exactly is this?

  3. Nidhi says:

    Love the portrayal…:-)

  4. anand zaveri says:

    thank u, thank u…
    @Pooja T: its a mother carrying her baby so snugly in her womb…

  5. Kushal Shah says:

    Neat… Very you to think with images…:)

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