If it hadn’t been for the crowd, he wouldn’t have known of his existence.

And so he says..

“The pacing feet and faces unknown, amidst the crowd I stand alone..

I dare the walk, I sing my song, with faith in my heart, I choose to Unbelong..”

A short film made by me for the BBC MyWorld Film Competition 2010. Made over 2 weekends, it was shot entirely in Mumbai using my humble yet efficient Sony digital camera.

It’s my first attempt at film-making and i had great fun doing it. A big THANK YOU !!! 😀 to Dhairya, Mihir and Dev mama for all the help and suggestions, the film wouldn’t have been this beautiful without you guys. And as for you, thanks for dropping by, i’d love know what you feel about the film, do you choose to ?   …Unbelong.


18 Responses to “Unbelong”

  1. Nehal J says:

    Hi Anand,

    This is first time I’m seeing your camera work. And must say, I’m
    highly impressed by the way you handled the camera and light so
    Your skills behind the lens are extraordinary and I see a bright
    future for you in that side.

    On the story part, I like the concept of Unbelong and considering
    the theme of MyWorld, it makes sense. But I felt that you should have
    spent a little more of the reel on your world by reducing their world.
    As I felt after some time (although it’s just a 2 minute film) I was
    just waiting for something to happen. I was for something that would
    relate to Unbelong, and it came at the end. It was a nice end but I
    think you could have made it little more clearer by adding some more
    seconds to your world.
    But overall, it was nice and quick !
    Great Stuff !!

    Loved your camera skills. Keep up the good work.

    Wish you luck.

  2. Asif says:

    PAPPA, Huu Thari short film joaeyou. Saaru film che 😀
    hehehehe sorry for the mistakes in the language if any. Nice work
    dude, Keep it up. I really like the concept. Just something i would
    like to say. Things you have showned is very repetitive mostly and
    thats the crowd. I know that it definitely is an important aspect of
    you film but still there should have been some contrast. Right now the
    film totally is depending on the words you have in your blog. Just try
    to get those words by the visual elements in the film it self. Stil a
    great step in dyde, I too will be coming in soon 😀 BTW which Camera
    is it ? I am getting a camera next week, opted for Canon IXUS 120 IS,
    Which one is yours ? and how much did that cost ?

  3. piyush bavalia says:

    truely awesome your… i really liked the concept and the
    way you have done editing…great job…really appreciated.

  4. amit lalan says:

    anand bhai,superb man..awesome work!!!!tu to
    director,actor ban gaya..well done!!!

  5. Nazi says:

    Awesome video…!!! Fact of life narrated. No matter v r
    in between crowd of crores of people around – but ultimately v r alone
    in r own world.

  6. Vidyadhar says:

    Excellent photography with good music.

  7. pallavi says:

    super amajin film…..u inspire ppl….
    gr8 wrk…

  8. Devina says:

    You should add a like button to ur blog 🙂
    amazing film

  9. Dev Mama says:

    after watching this video I can think of a song, ZINDAGI KE

  10. Karan says:

    After watching this, I have became a fan of your
    Cinematography…. Beautiful video, lovely pictures… Great work Mr.

  11. Jay says:

    hi dear

    nice lighting in shots

    very much hard working we can see in that

    the last shot was good good means very good
    i found that the bag ground sound was not up to the mark

    may be because of lack of time , over all its perfect video
    all the best

  12. Shrivardhan Rao says:

    Hey Andy,

    As i have already mentioned to you,Video!!!!awesome shoot man….Great camera angles,nice editing synchronizing with the music,Overall a nice cool video,describing the unbelongness.And also i noticed the switching of the videos after the end of every note of music…so quite cool editing.May be the only problem is that some people may not catch the concept instantly,they may get confused with ‘Unbelong’ and ‘Abandoned life’,infact i should say people like me :)….U had to explain it to me when i got the same scenario in my mind..:),Anyways,super-cool shot,splendid camera works.All the best for u,keep the good work going,But always be careful….”Cameras are not allowed everywhere,without permission” hehehehe,..Nice work wooooooooo….

  13. anand zaveri says:

    😀 Wow! so many comments.. im flattered.. feels really great to know that so many people have seen my film. and more so because some really kind ones have cared to take time off to give a detailed feedback on it.. Thank You All !!! it means a lot.. your comments are helping me to grow as an artist and learn how different people perceive things differently. one thing is for sure, i may be good at showing pretty visuals, camera work, editing etc. but i still need to work on the psycho-visual aspects of film and storytelling. so as to incite the correct emotion in the viewer’s mind. Thank you once again..

  14. Parang Prabhudesai says:

    Hi Andy!

    Ha ha ha…Finally m writing comment on Ur short film..
    Congrats Dude!good work!
    I liked the film, good camera work nice framing with good editing and our very own traditional sound of music.
    ‘Unbelong’ to me means the one who doesn’t belong to this world or may be a particular scenario,i feel the character should have belonged to each n every shot that u have taken,because this would have made a third person like me to understand that the character is there in the scene..he is there every where….but still theres somewhere hes own world, he has his own space in this world,but the second thought that comes in my mind is.. Is he alone? why?…may be the character likes to detach himself from this “Rude” world.
    thats it..Andy sorry for writing too long..

    Overall I must say good attempt..wel tried

    Andy All the best to You..May u create many more such films…n one day a movie..

    God Bless You


  15. nisha says:

    i wonna say that u inspire me.

  16. rishabh says:

    Dude, great work man, congrats on getting short listed!

    gimme a holler sometime. need to catch up!

  17. Raj Shah says:

    your work is really awesome.It indeed convets a lot of messages about our life , the way we are and way we live in such a short span. I like the way you mixed the different moods of the day and the camera handing.
    Keep it up and I want to see more..

  18. keya sonawala says:

    but the journey has just began……………
    INNER ONE all the best vipulmama………….


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