it was a normal day. i packed my bag and was leaving for work, when�
i saw his shadow at the entrance.. �Batman !!!� i exclaimed (3 times.. !1 !2 !3)..
it was him.. what brought him here? i feared.. for i am a joker fan..
Batman..! yess it was him..!

Batman..! yess it was him..!

then, i feared d worst, when he came face to face with Spiderman�! the envy was evident in the eyes of Spiderman.. for Batman had eaten into his profits, with the release of �the Dark Knight�..

unable to move.. i stayed still.. just capturing stills..

Spiderman's envy.

Spiderman's envy.

then.. i mustered enough courage to step ahead, to capture a glimpse of the Gotham City knight.. and heres what i saw�






a vintage batmobile

a vintage batmobile !

phew�! it was just a vintage bat mobile..

that day shall go down in the diary of my life, as the day i came >>i<< this close to

�the Dark Knight�..


6 Responses to “Batman…???”

  1. Dhairya Dand says:

    ultra awesome bro 😀 !!!! what was it though – shed ? too cool !

  2. Saurabh Shah says:

    Awesome.. just too good..

  3. Meethil Momaya says:

    Doesn’t the good old Fiat bring back the best of memories! Be it for me, you, Batman, Spiderman or Fiat itself! Damn cool series of shots. 🙂

  4. anand zaveri says:

    @dhairya: u mite wanna check out the later shots..
    @sau: thanks buddy..
    @meethil bha: thank you :).. yess.. the good ol days.. my dad had a fiat too.. it was d first car that i ever sat in.. just loved to sit beside my pa/grandpa on d front seat.. but this moment was like an amalgamation of both Fiat and childhood heroes Batman and Spiderman.. but my fav was and still is He-man !!! the Master of the Universe…!!!

  5. Dhairya Dand says:

    🙂 yes, brings back those good ol cartoon network days.. wait.. who said we have grown up!

  6. keya sonawala says:

    what a batman :D…………….

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