he fears not…

he fears not the world, for he fears himself.
he fears not the universe, for he fears the expansive mind.
he fears not the distance, for he fears the credibility of his feet.
he fears not the night, for he fears a day lost.

he fears not time, for he fears the lack of, to spare.
he fears not an identity crisis, for he fears a mistaken identity.
he fears not ignorance, for he fears partial knowledge.
he fears not failure, for he fears success undeserved.

he fears not loneliness, for he fears the crowd.
he fears not silence, for he fears the voice of his conscience.
he fears not darkness, for he fears the blinding light.
he fears not death, for he fears an aimless life.

he fears not the tears, for he fears a smile, that hides all.
he fears not pain, for he fears the emotional numb.
he fears not hatred, for he fears unfaithful love.
he fears not the enemy, for he fears a scheming friend.

he fears not the tide, for he fears the rusted anchor.
he fears not the wind, for he fears the sails, fragile.
he fears not the water, for he fears his strength to row.
he fears not the fire, for he fears that, which fuels it so.

he fears, only the One,
that’s until he knows…
he’s not different,
he is Him.

Now, he fears not.


3 Responses to “he fears not…”

  1. hiral says:

    he fears not….. and now he is a child again (just separated from Him)
    and therefore untouched by the fears he created for himself in this life

  2. Jitu Jhaveri says:

    Hi Anand Bete: I am really fascinated by your creative
    mind and very very proud of you. You are an excellent wordsmith like
    your grandpa. He enjoyed telling stories and inspired lot of young
    minds/kids at bakan-ji-bari. I was one of that young mind. He was my
    guardian angel. I feel that you have gotten his creative genes.

  3. anand zaveri says:

    🙂 a big THANK YOU !!! Jitu kaka for those kind words, and im glad that u like mine too ;)…

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