When She came…

It had been time since I felt her presence.
Longed her smile, in vain.

Thought I’d never see her love brimming eyes.
and Wished every day, I was wrong.

Where is She now? How is She?
Could someone come to me and pacify.

I don’t know if She wished to see me anymore.
Or did She have a choice?

One day, I sensed her in the vibes around.
Wondered what convinced her to meet.

Had She pitied my agony?
Or was it her persuading conscience?

No. ‘Twas the godsent wind, that brought her.
Hmmm.. .That smell I waited for every time we met.

As before, She wore my favorite perfume.
Actually, it became favorite when she started wearing it.

Far She stood, dressed in angelic purity.
But I dint run to her, I gazed.

Even more beautiful since the last I saw her,
Realized where Beautiful got its meaning from.

I waited, only to be accompanied by the impatient Time.
Then, bathed in floral gentleness She walked towards me.

Reminded of the empty days without her, I stared…
It was then, that I truly appreciated Work of the Divine.

Never did She speak a word since we last met.
Nor did I speak.

She stood for a while as we stared each other
Then, beside me She sat; couldn’t ask for more.

I stayed quiet as usual, dying to hear the sweet melody,
But, her sereneness worried me.

She looked into my eyes, but still never spoke.
Mesmerized, nor did I.

Longing her warm touch I lay speechless,
Then felt her gentle hand quench my thirst.

I was compelled to ask, what brought her here?
Or more importantly How was She, Now?

But waited for her to tell all by herself,
At least to sympathize with my music starved ears.

But still, she just sat, She never spoke.
Then, after a long silence, She finally, broke.

I panicked, for I knew not the cure.
Helpless I was, What could I do?

Had lost the right to hug her.
Had lost the right to wipe her tears……

And then one trickled down and fell on my parched grave.
She left.

That scent of hers and the dried lilies still remind me of the day,
When She came…


One Response to “When She came…”

  1. Nidhi Jajoo says:

    Brought tears & a lump in my throat (from controlling not
    to cry….sitting in office you see)…..No words of praise can do
    justice to this….dunno the right word….closest is….”A
    Masterpiece”….Luv u 4 dis 1…:-)

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