Slumdog Millionaire sweeps 8 Oscars !!!


YAYYYY !!! I dunno about you but i was definitely cheering for it. I was jumping in my room when i saw A R Rahman getting the Oscar for the Best Background Score and also Jai Ho.. He truly deserves it. There is purity, innocence, beauty and sincerity in whatever he does and has proved the consequences of doing so.  The same holds true for Danny Boyle too, i mean look at him, the kid in him is still very much alive and you could see it even when he was sitting nervous with childlike excitement in his eyes, at that Kodak theatre. And the way he jumped on stage when he got the Oscar for Best Director… Oh man !!!  Danny and Co. you truly deserve this. Awesome work guys.

Well there were a lot of people here who criticized Slumdog to no end for portraying the wrong picture about Mumbai; well you must instead be thankful to Danny Boyle and Co. for showing you the side of Mumbai which you would never have got an opportunity to see otherwise, so consider yourself fortunate enough and stop pulling down those who do good. oops… sorry i got carried away…

Hmmm.. as an animator’s point of view i must say, the chase sequence in the beginning, the one during the riots and the one when they escape from Maman for the first time…  truly had me, in terms of the camera angles, the ‘spacing’ of the shots (a beautiful mix of slow and fast shots), the framing and not to forget the awesome score. When its DVD will come out i would definitely want to study those sequences  – the camera angles, the composition of the shots and hope to learn a thing or two from this magnificent piece of art, and apply it to my animation. And to those of my friends who haven’t seen this one yet, Go see it.. and im sure you will thank me for it…

Till then keep that optimism on, and if you have surplus, dont forget to spill some of it around, have fun and god bless.


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