A trick to check ur Animation flow

hi… since almost 5 years i.e. about 2 years of being an animator and 3 years of training i have always wondered as why do they have a reverse play button in Maya (0r any 3D software for that matter).. and i got the answer just sometime back when my Art Director Gulzar told us animators a neat little trick to check if our animation was flowing or had jerks.. Well the trick simply was to play the animation backwards… Backwards???  yes Play it Reverse…  and u’ll see the glitches if any.. And i put the suggestion to action rightaway, just to check its authenticity 😉 .. And Hey Presto !!! it works, and i have been using it since then to improve my animations.. Pretty cool haan!

Thanks Gulzar (u can check his blog here.. some really cool work). Now that’s what you call Tajurba !!! (read:experience).


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